Valentine’s Day is a time to show someone, whether it’s your partner, friends or family, how much you love them, and it doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. With a little creativity and grape nectar in your kitchen, you can show your love in a healthy and budget friendly way. Those health focused new years resolutions are here to stay this Valentine’s Day thanks to a DIY meal, grape nectar, and the great outdoors. 

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an overpriced dinner, in fact it doesn’t have to be dinner at all. Start the day off with a special Valentine’s breakfast. Get comfy and do breakfast  in bed for your sweetheart or make a display at the table amongst friends and family. Skip drenching your pancakes in maple syrup and drowning your oatmeal with honey and grab your grape nectar to sweeten things up. Grape nectar is a natural sweetener, which means it only contains natural grape sugar from the California grapes it’s made from. All three of our sugar alternatives have a low-glycemic index, which will help keep your blood sugar at bay. Adding grape nectar to your Valentine’s Day breakfast is a simple way to make the first meal of the day healthier, plus tastier with because of the complex flavor profiles of these sugar substitutes. Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favorite grape nectar breakfast ideas sure to impress your sweetie on our Recipe Blog!

After fueling up on breakfast, it’s a great time to enjoy some Vitamin D outside with your significant other or friends! There is so much to enjoy about the outdoors and the best part is that it’s both free and healthy. An outdoor adventure is a great way to have quality time with the ones you care about (and keep your health goals on track). Whether it’s a nice walk along the beach, a midday hike or a snowy adventure, we are sure everyone involved will appreciate the thoughtful experience. To go the extra mile, pack some goodies, such as our chocolate covered strawberries made with grape nectar sugar alternatives. Find the recipe here!

If you are looking to enjoy a cocktail with your loved one on Valentine’s day, opt for making some creations at home. Add a little grape nectar to your cocktail to replace the simple syrup or agave in a recipe with grape sugar and your cocktail will be elevated to a whole new level. Our natural sweeteners are more than just a healthy alternative to other sugar substitutes, they are the ultimate flavor enhancer! Our Recipe Blog has an abundance of simple and delicious cocktail recipes to explore. Try out the “Pink French 75” cocktail, which was a festive take on the classic cocktail that we celebrated with last Valentine’s day! Not only will you not be dropping the big bucks on sugary cocktails out, but you are cutting out some unnecessary calories that no one needs on Valentine’s Day.

There are many ways to enjoy a fantastic Valentine’s day on a budget while staying true to your health goals this February. With grape nectar your day just got a little sweeter. No matter how you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, we hope you are surrounded by love!

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