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Domaine Santé California Grape Nectars capture the pure, natural sweetness and the aromatic complexities of wine grapes in a delicate liquid form. The flavors come from the natural essence of the grapes, just as you would taste them right off of the vine! Replace white sugar, honey, agave nectar, and maple syrup. More flavor, less sugar and less of its harmful effects.
And those health benefits you hear about wine? Our California Grape Nectar still have those beneficial elements (significantly more actually), minus the alcohol. Added bonus: Domaine Sante Grape Nectar is the only certified vegan, low carb and low calorie option made in California and Grape Nectar is bottled in sunny San Diego. Ideal for cocktails, tea, waffles and pancakes, sauces and marinades, baking and cooking - the possibilities are limitless! Take any recipe, food or drink to the next level with Grape Nectar.
Domaine Santé is the ultimate alternative to sugar!

The Domaine Santé Founders

A marriage between French wine aficionados and the health-minded led to the creation of Grape Nectar. While creating a healthier sugar alternative was important, the key was in creating a natural alternative that also tasted appealing.
Emily has dealt first-hand with the struggles of sugar intake through nutrition consultation in the individual and group setting. She has also never been comfortable recommending highly processed artificial sweeteners like Stevia and Splenda in her 10+ year career. By sourcing a highly nutritious, local, and sustainable core ingredient, this gives the consumer an option they can be comfortable with from a nutritional and environmental standpoint. 
Jeff is a certified sommelier and has been innovating in the food and beverage industry on a professional level for over 20 years. His expertise and palate has helped shape the formulation of the product and drive the bar and restaurant focus where Domaine Sante Grape Nectar got its start. Jeff has been featured on Food Network, The Wine Advocate, and more.



TOGETHER, the perfect blend, just like Domaine Santé Grape Nectars!

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