California Grape Nectar

The Natural Sweetener from Wine Grapes

Healthy Alternative

Low Glycemic Index, Low Carb
Domaine Sante

A natural sweetener sourced from California Wine Country


Replace unhealthy artificial sweeteners

Our red grape Bored-O Rouge natural sweetener blends Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec grapes that contain healthy antioxidants and natural phenols to promote blood flow and cardiovascular health.


Sourced exclusively from California vineyards

All Domaine-Santé natural sweeteners are Non-GMO, low glycemic index, low carb, and certified vegan making for a healthy sugar substitute or alternative to artificial sweeteners. 


About Emily and Jeff

Only a partnership between Nutritionist and a Sommelier can create this perfect balance between flavor and nutrition! Decades of combined experience inspired this couple to create Domaine Santé. 

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