Grape Nectar is a unique natural sweetener made from wine grapes (sans alcohol!) and that makes for a dynamic holiday gift for any wine enthusiast, foodie, tea or cocktail lover.  Since there are many ways to use Grape Nectar, consider putting our one-of-a-kind product in a gift basket perfectly curated towards the passions and interests of the gift receiver. 

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Why Make a Gift Basket?

Gift baskets make a great holiday gift and can be easily personalized with endless opportunities and accompaniments. Grape Nectar is a healthy sweetener option that compliments a wide variety of food and drink themed gift baskets. We have listed our favorite gift basket ideas below in the hopes you will find inspiration to create the basket for your loved ones.  

Tea Basket: 

Our Bored-O Blanc and All-Sass blends are perfect for sweetening and enhancing the flavor of tea, as it serves as a vegan replacement for honey. Our sugar alternative is infinitely more flavorful and will provide not the perfect touch of sweetness to the tea, but incredible flavors they have never tried before (think candied apple and fig for Bored-O Blanc and floral and citrusy for All-Sass). With Grape Nectar, putting a gift basket together for the tea lovers in your life is both easy and fun! Add a variety of local tea blends and top off the basket with some cookies or a decorative mug. Grape Nectar will take your tea lovers morning cup to another level.

Foodie Basket: 

There are many food recipes that can be made with Grape Nectar. It is the perfect gift for the aspiring chef or baker on your holiday list. Set them up with a sample set of Grape Nectar, and perhaps some fun kitchen accessories such as wine stoppers, oven mitts and matching dish towels. Unsure of what they would need? We suggest adding a gift card to a store that specializes in home goods. Be sure to let them know about our recipe blog for endless inspiration!  

Cocktail Basket: 

Grape Nectar can most easily be used to replace simple syrup in your favorite cocktail recipes to take your cocktails to another dimension. If you have a cocktail enthusiasts on your holiday list, give a gift that will truly impress, a cocktail gift basket with Grape Nectar. Our favorite pick for nearly any spirit pairing: Bored-O Rouge. The rich berry and spice notes add a luxurious flavor to any cocktail, not to mention the beautiful burgundy color it imparts into any creation. Check out all of our cocktail and mocktail recipes to find your perfect gift basket ingredients now!

Along with the nectar we suggest adding in some glassware or a bottle of their favorite spirit. From the San Diego area? Check out our friends at Collins and Coupe for the highest quality bar goods and vintage glassware for all of your cocktail gift basket needs! They are open Monday and Thursday from 11-7pm, Friday from11-8pm, Saturday from 10-8pm and Sunday between 8-7pm. Collins and Coupe offers an array of spirits, barware and unique products to elevate any home bar. 

Winelover Gift Basket:

Don't just give them a bottle of wine this year, give them the gift of wine grapes just as they taste right off the vine! Grape Nectar is the ideal compliment to the pantry of any wine lover. They will appreciate our sustainable and local sourcing, as well as the unique flavors of each of our blends. Plus: turn any white wine into an instant rosé with this recipe!


There are many gift baskets that can be made with Grape Nectar and tailored towards your loved ones. With the ideas listed above, we hope you have been inspired to put a holiday gift basket, or two, together this year! 

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