Had one too many holiday parties this December and trying to limit your drinking in 2020? Dryuary may be the solution. Dryuaury, short for Dry January, is the common New Year’s tradition where alcohol is ditched for the first month of the year. With our sugar substitutes, grape nectar, you will find Dryuary is easy to accomplish. 

There are many health benefits that come from participating in Dryuary. For starters, taking a month-long break from alcohol can improve sleep quality and leave you feeling more energized, which may make achieving your New Year’s your fitness goals easier to achieve! Dryuary also allows your organs to detox, improve health and may help you to lose weight. On top of all these benefits, taking the first month of the year off from drinking will likely help you reduce the amount you drink in later months. Making it much easier to drink less in 2020!

We have laid out three tips to help you accomplish Dryuary with the help of grape nectar: 


1) Make a Grape Nectar Mocktail or Soda:

If you are choosing to participate in Dryuary this year, why throw away your efforts by drinking super sugary sodas in place of alcoholic beverages? Of course, that does not mean you need to stick to water for the entirety of the month, that’s no fun. With our sugar substitutes, it is both fun and easy to craft a delicious homemade soda or mocktail. With three blends of grape nectar to choose from, each with a unique taste from the California wine grapes they originate from, you are sure to have fun experimenting with them. It does not take a mixologist to make a delicious drink with our natural sweeteners. And if you need inspiration, our mocktail recipes are simple to make and tastes just as great as a crafted cocktail. We also have a variety of soda recipes on our recipe blog to explore as well! 

 rosemary soda

2) Reward Yourself with a Dessert Made with Grape Nectar:

Participating in Dryuary is something to be proud of. It is important to reward yourself during the process! Indulging in a sweet treat is an excellent way to do this and when the dessert is made from our grape nectar sugar substitutes you can feel even better about eating it. Grape nectar is all natural, has a low glycemic index, contains zero refined sugars and has less calories of other natural sweeteners such as honey. Adjusting your favorite dessert recipe with grape nectar will also enhance the overall flavor, making it the perfect treat to reward yourself with! Need ideas? We have plenty of sweet recipes to explore here!

 pumpkin cheesecake

3) Drink Tea at night, sweetened with Grape Nectar: 

The cravings for alcohol usually come at night, when you want to wind down from your busy day. One incredibly easy way to substitute this craving is by enjoying a warm cup of tea sweetened with our grape nectar sugar substitutes. Tea has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve overall mood for the majority of people. Plus, adding a bit of grape nectar to your favorite cup of tea will elevate the taste (we suggest using the Bored-O Blanc or All-Sass blends). naturally sweetened tea

With grape nectar and these three simple tips it is easy to say goodbye to alcohol for the month! Whether you are participating in Dryuary or not, you can set the tone for a healthy 2020 with grape nectar because #HealthIsALifestyle.

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