We have THE warm weather drink for you! After trying our French Soda, you will easily give up any canned version. Low in sugar, high in all the good stuff, and simple to make up in your kitchen makes this the ultimate spring to summer beverage. Our Bored-O Blanc Grape Nectar offers the ultimate sugar alternative to unhealthy, high-sugar soda syrup.
french soda


BLEND USED: Bored-O Blanc California Grape Nectar 

Tasting Attributes: A warming and rounding effect from our sauvignon blanc blend of Grape Nectar to add extra dimension to craft soda

In honor of our love of French culture, we have dedicated our newest craft soda flavor to our favorite Europeans. It just so happens one of its main ingredients are indigenous to the beautiful terrain of the South of France. Rosemary is our herb of choice to add a green fragrance to the soda, which combines perfectly with the locally sourced lemons we also add. A perfect balance with our Bored-O Blanc blend of Grape Nectar to bring you the most refreshing soda on the block!


But seriously. This soda offers so much hydration from bubbly water, alkaline balance from the lemon, and antioxidants and nutrition from the rosemary and our sugar alternative. Four simple ingredients and no white sugar to offer the ultimate flavor with a nutrition bonus! Quickly becoming a crowd favorite at our local farmers market (come find us at Little Italy Market on Date Street every Saturday 8am-2pm in San Diego). And now you can make it on your own every day!


Our Sauvignon Blanc blend of Grape Nectar adds a new level of depth to the soda, not found in any can. Our sodas offer a new variation to an Italian-style soda by elimination of refined sugar and unparalleled flavor. Not only a complex flavor is achieved by using our Grape Nectar wine grape sugars in handcrafted sodas, but also an elevated mouthfeel. Try your favorite soda side by side and you will instantly taste the difference. Plus, who doesn’t want to try the flavor of a Sauvignon Blanc wine grape, minus the alcohol?


Don’t be dissuaded by the muddling factor, as it only takes 30 seconds or less. If you don’t have a muddler, we recommend a small wooden spoon or a French rolling pin (rolling pin without the handles). But in all honesty, we recommend adding a muddler to your home bar for many tasty beverages to come. Muddle the rosemary, lemon, and grape nectar together in stable cup or shaker, but make sure to strain off the rosemary leaves for maximum enjoyment. Top with your favorite sparkling or soda water and enjoy! It pairs fantastically with your favorite spirit too. Try vodka, gin or whisky for a refreshing poolside cocktail.    


However you enjoy our French soda, we promise you’ll be impressed by this simple, yet flavorful concoction! As always, you will surely #DrinkBetter!


french soda



(makes a 12 oz soda)


  • Shaker or sturdy glass (to muddle in)
  • Muddler
  • Double strainer
  • Stirring spoon
  • Tall (collins) glass for serving



  1. In a shaker or sturdy glass, add a whole rosemary sprig, squeeze the lemon into the glass or shaker, and add Grape Nectar.

  2. Muddle the ingredients together. Double strain into another tall glass with ice.

  3. Add sparkling water and stir.

  4. Enjoy with another sprig of rosemary or wheel of lemon to garnish.

  5. Santé!


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