Spa water at it's finest with our new Cuke Cooler! The first recipe featuring our shiny new blend of Grape Nectar: "In Mint Condition" and definitely one for the books. Grab some simple ingredients and your muddler and you are off to the races with this ultra refreshing cocktail or mocktail.
Mint Condition Cucumber Cooler

BLEND USED: "In Mint Condition" Limited Edition Blend

Tasting attributes: The subtle mint and key lime flavors of the grape nectar are enhanced by the addition of their fresh counterparts for an ultra refreshing beverage.

As summer starts to wind up, don't sell yourself short moving on to the pumpkin madness too quickly. Squeeze the last few ounces of summer out of 2020 (literally) with our Cuke Cooler. We thought we had done it before with The Ultimate Paloma, but this one could be the absolute pinnacle of refreshment. Cucumber, lime, mint, and don't forget the defining ingredient: Limited Edition blend "In Mint Condition", that's it! One of our favorite ways to use our newest blend to date. 

Just as the inspiration for our new blend came straight from the garden, so did the contents of this creation! Mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow and most beautiful ways to garnish, which is why we always have it on hand. But we did realize not everyone has the capacity to garden, which is why mint is one of the highlighted flavors of our latest blend. No mint, no problem with "In Mint Condition" Grape Nectar. And cocktail mixing is just the beginning with this blend: we love it on our waffles with coconut yogurt, or simply stirred into an iced tea. As always, the possibilities are endless with our refined sugar-free alternatives.

Why don't we muddle the mint in this cocktail, you ask? Our new blend of sugar alternative contains just enough mint undertone to give this beverage all the minty-ness it requires (trust us, we tried it!). Compared to the processed agave or honey found in many other cucumber cocktail recipes, our wine grape sugar takes the drink to an entirely higher level! The fresh squeeze of limes awakens the senses and adds a touch of acidity, while the mint spring enhances the aromatics. The cukes are always a summer favorite and pair exquisitely with some of our favorite gins for the perfect summer sipper!

The cocktail/mocktail making process is made exceptionally more enjoyable with barware from our friends at Standard Spoon. We love their gold line of classic jiggers and stirring spoons. Check out all of their gorgeous equipment to give your home bar the perfect quarantine makeover!

With the uber refreshing trifecta of fresh ingredients, this cocktail or mocktail is sure to be sipped down with ease. The perfect touch of sweetness with our latest and greatest blend of Grape Nectar ensures you will #DrinkBetter far beyond summer!


Mint Condition Cucumber Cooler



Ingredients for Non-Alcoholic Mocktail

For Alcoholic Cocktail:

  • Add 1.5 oz premium gin or vodka



  1. Add first three ingredients (plus alcoholic spirit if partaking) to a shaker; muddle cucumber in liquid.
  2. Add ice and shake thoroughly.
  3. Double strain into a tall glass. Add soda water and stir.
  4. Garnish with a mint sprig. Sip and repeat!


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