grape margarita

We are bringing a little Napa valley to your Taco Tuesday with this margarita. Combine your favorite tequila with All-Sass California Grape Nectar to create the perfect sweet and sour marg, with only three simple ingredients. Using wine grapes to sweeten your margarita creates an unparalleled flavor profile. You will be wanting to make this one every night, not just Tuesday!

grape margarita

BLEND USEDAll-Sass California Grape Nectar 

Tasting attributes: The riesling and gewurztraminer grapes give this margarita a bright and orangey finish, reminiscent of Gran Marnier

Feeling like your margarita needs a little something extra? We highly recommend all of our sweeteners for imparting a unique flavor into the classic tequila cocktail. Our Bored-O Blanc Sauvignon Blanc sweetener will really round out your classic skinny margarita. If you are looking for a little jammy sweetness, the Rouge Grape Nectar transforms your average margarita into a beautiful blush color as well.

Our most recent concoction included our All-Sass Riesling sweetener. With its floral, orange finish and bright qualities, we had found our winner. A "Cadillac" inspiration from color and flavor profile, this white blend of Grape Nectar works perfectly to replace Gran Marnier. One simple ingredient easily adds aromatic complexity to a common drink.

And don’t forget the decline of agave nectar. Once a common margarita component; now a declining crop. With prices rising and availability diminishing, bars and consumers alike will be in need of a replacement. Support the sustainable movement of Grape Nectar and nix agave in your bar.

On top of the environmental factors, Grape Nectar is your low-carb, low sugar sweetener option. Make your skinny margarita even “skinnier” with our California Grape Nectar. Half of the sugar of agave nectar and infinitely more flavor. Keep the California theme alive with some fresh pressed California limes. Truly one of our favorites on the Sweeter Side! #DrinkBetter






  • 2 oz 100% Agave Tequila Resposado
  • 1 oz All-Sass California Grape Nectar
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice


  1. Shake above ingredients vigorously with ice in a Boston shaker
  2. Strain into a rocks glass over ice
  3. Garnish with a lime wheel.  

Get your Grape Nectar now!


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