Health is key to living your best life in 2020. Making healthy choices this year does not need to be difficult. In fact, the simpler your health goals are, the more likely you are to keep them going all year long. For example, substituting grape nectar for sugar in your diet is an easy step towards a healthier year!  

When making resolutions, it is best to plan out simple and reasonable changes rather than extreme goals that are difficult to stick to. For 2020 we want to help you maintain healthy habits that will last long term. We cannot wait for this year with you and we encourage you to be the best you possible. Below have listed a few suggestions for improving overall health in 2020, with a little help from our grape nectar!


Exercise Regularly:

Daily exercise can drastically improve health and help prevent disease including heart disease and diabetes. Exercising everyday does not necessarily mean you need to go to the gym each day. Even a simple ten minute walk can make a difference. Get up and move more in 2020 and we promise you will feel much better both physically and mentally. Exercise requires proper fuel from the food we eat in order to see the full benefit. Adding our sugar substitute into your diet in place of sugar is a great option because grape nectar is all natural and has a low glycemic index. While sugar and other alternatives may leave you feeling sluggish and tired, grape nectar will not interfere with your exercise goals!


Eat Healthier with Grape Nectar:

A great way to eat healthier this year is by integrating our sugar substitute, grape nectar, into recipes that call for sugar or alternative sweeteners. Grape nectar is a natural sweetener made from California wine grapes and has half the calories of other sugar alternatives such as honey, agave, and maple syrup. Our sugar substitute also has a low glycemic index, which is important for keeping blood sugar normalized in the long-term. On top of all this, grape nectar packs a delicious taste and can be used in baking, cooking and drink recipes. Keep checking our recipe blog all year long for healthy and creative recipe ideas using grape nectar.

 holiday medley salad

Trade in Alcoholic Beverages for Mocktails:

Reducing alcohol consumption in 2020 will make you feel much more energized and healthier throughout the year! It is easy to make a delicious mocktail in place of alcoholic beverages with grape nectar. Each of our three blends of grape nectar have a unique taste and are fun to experiment with in cocktail, tea, and coffee recipes. We have a cabernet blend for a bolder taste, a riesling blend with floral notes, and a sauvignon blanc blend that are excellent for adding subtle sweetness to your drink. In need of inspiration? Our mocktail recipes are simple to make and taste as if you are drinking a well-crafted cocktail.

pomegranate mocktail

No matter your goals this year, we recommend prioritizing your health because #HealthIsALifestyle. Start with reasonable goals and that will help you form healthy habits that you will keep all year long and into this new decade. Get ready to make 2020 your best year yet!

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