Make your New Year celebration extra festive with our most coveted blend of Grape Nectar. We have the perfect cocktail to make your celebration far above average using our Bored-O Rouge sugar alternative. Plus - you will be cutting down your sugar intake on the heaviest drinking night of the year and the subsequent hangover. 2019 is looking good!
lavender fizz


BLEND USED: Bored-O Rouge California Grape Nectar

Tasting Attributes: The rich mouthfeel of this blend of Grape Nectar gives body to very standard ingredients and compliments the subtle notes of lavender 

However you celebrate the New Year, we have your festivities covered! This cocktail (or mocktail) recipe brings together bubbly and our most flavorful blend of Grape Nectar - two of our favorite things! Not to mention it also features interesting modifiers like super hydrating coconut water and fragrant lavender water without adding any additional sugar. Your guests are sure to be impressed with this beautiful and flavorful fuchsia fizz. 

Good quality ingredients are a solid place to start when deciding on a cocktail to offer at your gathering. We always choose high quality spirits to mix with our wine grape sweeteners and go from there. This concoction is fun because we always love adding a couple drops of our Cabernet blend to sparkling wine, so we took it the next level with local vodka, lemon, and lavender. Subtle flavors, perfectly balanced, without any sugary or syrupy aftertaste.

Although we tend to reach for darker spirits when mixing up the Bored-O Rouge wine grape sweetener, vodka was a natural choice to pair with all the other components. We love keeping our selection local with You and Yours Vodka. It's floral notes compliment the essence of the cocktail perfectly, not to mention it is also distilled from grapes! Such a harmonious combination.

This recipe also offers a lot if you choose to forgo drinking this year or are entertaining for all ages. The "mocktail" variation of this recipe proves to be a super hydrating and flavorful alternative to flavored sparkling sodas and anything canned and chalked full of chemicals and refined sugar. You could even serve this festive drink at a New Year's Day brunch to cure mean hangovers and make your guests glow! So refreshing. #DrinkBetter 

We really went all out with this recipe and we hope you enjoy your New Year's Eve (and Day) festivities with Grape Nectar! We appreciate all of your love in support in 2018 and wish you the absolute BEST in the New Year. Bonne Année! 

lavender fizz






    • 1 oz premium vodka (can omit if shaking up a "mocktail")
    • 0.75 oz fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice
    • 0.5 oz Bored-O Rouge Grape Nectar
    • .25 oz lavender water (make your own or try Fee Bros)
    • 4 oz coconut water
    • Sparkling wine (or club soda if omitting alcohol)
    • lemon twist or lavender sprig


    1. To a shaker with ice, add vodka (optional), citrus, Grape Nectar, lavender and coconut water. Shake thoroughly to combine. Strain into a champagne flute.
    2. Top with sparkling wine or club soda.
    3. Garnish with a lemon or lavender sprig, if desired. Bonne Année!!

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