Whether you are on board for the annual Dryuary non-alcoholic focus or not, this mocktail will awaken your senses and offer a stimulating combination of flavors. By using the highest quality ingredients, including our All-Sass Grape Nectar, the crafted nature of this drink is apparent from first sip. We challenge you to try out this recipe from the highly talented bar professionals at the Grant Grill here in San Diego for yourself this month!

Dryuary Ramos Fizz Grape Nectar

BLEND USED: All-Sass California Grape Nectar

Tasting Attributes: Subtle, beautiful notes of orange and white flowers surprise and excite the palate

As we try to clean up our acts this January, we are still craving something delicious. There is only so much water and green smoothies we can consume in one day! So why not try out a mocktail, a tasty mixed drink sans alcohol and its harmful effects. Yet, it delivers the same level of sophistication as its alcoholic counterpart. Bonus: this mocktail, including our All-Sass Grape Nectar, was featured in the Open Table Blog via the craft mocktail menu at the Grant Grill last January. 

When choosing to skip the booze, for whatever reason that may be, the conscious consumer still wants a thoughtful, crafted drink. This is where the mocktail was born and may bar professionals are choosing to include a portion of their menus dedicated to non-alcoholic drinkers. And why wouldn't they? You can get the same elevated experience as a drinker would, without feeling like you are ordering off the kids menu.

And just as all of our recipes, starting with high quality ingredients is key. This is elemental of a mocktail done correctly. By using the same mindset as concocting a cocktail, the creator chooses unique components to bring together a harmonious flavor combination. This is where our sugar alternative can play a lead role. Grape Nectar brings so much character to a mocktail by offering infinite flavor, depth, and dimension, as well as its subtle sweetness, as one single ingredient. 

We love the combination of our All-Sass wine grape sweetener with Seedlip and their "distilled non-alcohol spirits". The flavor results in rich, floral and herbaceous notes and a lingering finish. It's like these two were meant for each other! Mocktails are here for the long haul, and Open Table agrees. Check out the complete January feature of Dryuary Ramos Fizz. A guarantee to #DrinkBetter this Dryuary!

Dryuary Ramos Fizz

Photo by Tim King Photography 

Skip the extra sugar and pastuerized juice found in so many subpar mocktails and reach for high quality ingredients, such as sugar alternative when creating your next mocktail. A little extra love goes a long way and we promise you will be on track to #DrinkBetter!


Dryuary Ramos Fizz Grape Nectar





  • 2 oz Seedlip Garden “non-alcholic gin”
  • 1.25 oz All-Sass California Grape Nectar
  • 0.75 oz fresh pressed lemon juice
  • 1 small egg white
  • 6 drops orange flower water


  1. In a Boston shaker, add all ingredients and shake first without ice for about 30 seconds. Add ice and shake again very hard for about 10 more seconds.
  2. Strain into a highball glass and top of with cold soda water. Stir one final time and garnish with an orange peel.

Get your Grape Nectar now! 


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