Old Fashioned Recipe

Everybody loves the local version of your fav food or drink, and this rendition of an American cocktail classic does not disappoint. As a matter of fact, at a recent cocktail event we were told by droves of people it was the best Old Fashioned they had ever had. There's just something about the viscosity and aromatic depth of Bored-O Blanc that transforms this crowd pleaser. The icing on the cake - it's fast and easy!

Old Fashioned Recipe


BLEND USED: Bored-O Blanc California Grape Nectar

Tasting attributes: Imparts hints of candied citrus and ripe apple, plus a touch of added acidity

One of the most celebrated of the classics, found on nearly every cocktail menu around these days. The history behind this cocktail is vast. The addition of bitter and sugar elements to spirits began in the early 1800s in New York, while it wasn’t until the end of the century this trend reached the bourbon world in Louisville, Kentucky. This was where the cocktail was born amidst a southern gentlemen's club. The barman had first used a local bourbon, then renditions using Rye had a time of popularity, while the creative takes continue to be highly celebrated today.

You don’t have to be a prominent bourbon distiller or barman to concoct a premium old fashioned. Now you can celebrate local spirits and cocktail mixers any day of the week by whipping up one of these California-sourced old fashioneds, all the way down to the sugar component. Why not use one of the largest crops in the state to perfectly sweeten your cocktail? Plus, the element of bitters enhances both the spirit and the aromatic qualities of the Grape Nectar. Keeping your ingredients simple and premium results in a clean and delicious cocktail every time.

We love celebrating our fellow local makers and we hope you will too with this California cocktail! #DrinkBetter





  • 2 oz California-distilled whisky, such as Do Good Distillery Bourbon Whisky
  • ¾ oz Bored-O Blanc California Grape Nectar
  • 7-8 drops of your favorite California-produced bitters, such as Barkeeper Apple bitters


  1. Stir above ingredients in a mixing glass
  2. Strain over large rocks or, if you wanna be a baller, one large sphere
  3. Garnish with a California citrus peel

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