Mom likes bubbly, but Dad likes a nice craft beer and a strong whiskey. What if we told you he could have them together? Well you heard it here first folks. Domaine Santé has taken a whiskey sour and a summer shandy and combined the two with our Grape Nectar to make the perfect sipping summer drink: the Shandy Sour. You will want to break out your Bored-O Blanc for this one!

beer cocktail

BLEND USED: Bored-O Blanc California Grape Nectar

Tasting attributes: Ease the strength of the drink with stone fruit hints from Bored-O Blanc Grape Nectar

This Shandy Sour is our first time doing a beer cocktail and wow, we are glad we did! We found a creamy American wheat beer and paired it with our favorite Greenbar Slow Hand Six Woods Cask Whiskey, but we didn't stop there. We finished it off with Bored-O Blanc, our Sauvignon Blanc sugar alternative and some tart lemon juice. This beer cocktail is such a smooth and pleasant combination that will leave you wondering how you didn't think of it before.

This drink is seriously GREAT for summer. It's refreshing, approachable, and you can't beat the touch of sweetness the Bored-O Blanc adds. Grape Nectar is the perfect sugar alternative in this cocktail because it adds just enough subtle sweetness, but does not over power the whiskey or beer like the All-Sass or Bored-O Rouge might. Not to mention you are adding a nice antioxidant boost to any otherwise antioxidant-less drink. 

Whiskey sour is a classic cocktail, made of whiskey, lemon, and sugar, and sometimes egg white (not in our recipe here). Basic cocktails like this really highlight the magic of Grape Nectar in a recipe - it's easy to recognize the complex elements and the added dimension Grape Nectar adds to the cocktail when replacing simple syrup in a recipe like this. Shandy is typically beer and lemonade, so we are stepping this one up quite a bit with our wine grape sweetener and some fresh local lemon. Combine the two and we have our own west coast variation on two classic summer drinks.

We love working with local distilleries, especially Greenbar Distillery. They have super approachable, complex spirits with interesting botanical and spice notes. We love their cask-strength whiskey by itself, but Dad will surely love it in our Shandy as well. Greenbar distills right in the heart of LA and represents the true craft culture of Southern California. Combine it with our Grape Nectar to round out the strength of the whiskey and you have a winning combination!

With the help of Greenbar and Grape Nectar we are helping you #DrinkBetter for the summer. Grab a witbier or a Belgian saison, your favorite whiskey, and our original blend of Grape Nectar for a perfectly balanced and smooth way to beat the heat all summer long!

beer cocktail






  1. In a Boston shaker with ice, add whiskey, lemon, and Grape Nectar. Shake thoroughly.
  2. Strain into a craft beer glass (no ice) and top with beer. Santé to Dad!



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