Hosting a party? Show off your mixology skills by crafting premium cocktails at your next soiree. Anyone can craft a beautiful and delicious cocktail with the appropriate barware, spirits, recipe and natural Grape Nectar sweeteners.   


Get Premium Barware

Start by building your bar with the appropriate and quality barware, both for crafting and presenting your cocktails. We have broken down the essential tools for crafting any cocktail at home! 

    1. Jigger: Measuring out your ingredients is essential to making a delicious craft cocktail. Jiggers measure by ounces and make it easy to follow any recipe to a T. 
    2. Muddler: Many cocktail recipes require muddling your ingredients for maximum flavor and for making simple syrup. 
    3. To avoid serving a bland cocktail, have a muddler on hand. 
    4. Mixing Glass A quality mixing glass is key if your recipe calls for mixing your ingredients rather than shaking. We advise buying a heavier glass that will stay steady as you mix the drink.
    5. Bar Spoon: The long and thin handle makes it easy to dilute the cocktail quickly before serving.  The spoon may also be used to measure out small amounts of liquid into the drink.
    6. Two-Part Shaker:  These shakers are another great tool for cocktail crafting.  Simply place ice in the smaller half and the mixed ingredients in the larger half, put them together with the smaller piece on top and shake with a tight grip. These shakers will make for an easy cleanup as well! 
    7. Strainer: No one wants chunks of fruit, herbs, or melted ice floating around their drink. Strainers prevent this from happening and are a requirement for any mixologist!
    8. The Appropriate Glass and Decor: After all that work creating the perfect cocktail be sure to present the drink in quality glassware.  Take your drink one step further by topping it with flowers or zest! 

San Diego resident? We suggest shopping local at Collins and Coupe for all the best barware needs. 

Have an Arsenal of Spirits and Modifiers: 

Stocking up on premium spirits and modifiers will allow for more versatility in the drinks you wish to create.  Do not be afraid to put your budget towards the quality of the spirits you purchase, as it will improve the overall flavor of the cocktail.  Modifiers (such as absinthe or maraschino) and natural sweeteners, such as Grape Nectar, are also handy for enhancing the flavor of your drink and impressing even your most critical guest. 

Get Inspired by Our Cocktail Recipes: 

We have a wide variety of Grape Nectar cocktail recipes on our blog, The Sweeter Side. Our cocktail recipes are easy to follow, flavorful and made both healthier and tastier with the use of Grape Nectar.  Our natural sweeteners pack a unique flavor and elevate the taste of almost any cocktail, including a traditional Mojito or Old Fashioned.  Check out our recipes here


Our final word of advice is to have fun! If you are entertaining a large crowd of people, multiply the cocktail recipe to create a larger batch, so you can step away from the bar faster.  By following the steps listed above, you will be on your way to becoming a star-mixologist and everyone’s favorite host.

 Get Your Grape Nectar Today!


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