Baking Guide

Use any of our wine grape nectars to add a complex sweetness to any baked good recipe!


Here's how to alter your original recipe:

1. Use 1/2 - 2/3 cup* nectar for every 1 cup sugar called for in original recipe
*It depends on how sweet you prefer your recipe

2. Reduce other liquids by 1/4 cup (or 4 Tbsp) for every 1 cup nectar

i.e. If you are using 1/2 c nectar in a recipe, reduce your other liquids in the recipe by 2 Tbsp

3. Add ¼ tsp baking soda for 1 c nectar
4. Lower oven temperature by 25 degrees
Please contact us if you have any specific questions! We would love to hear about your creations!