Americans love table grapes, but wine grapes are arguably the most utilized grape around the world. What differentiates a table grape from a wine grape often goes unexplained. The grapeness within such a small powerhouse is good for many things, differing with all types of grapes.

table grapes vs wine grapes

Headline Selection 1: Table Grapes vs. Wine Grapes

What did the grape say when he got stepped on?

He let out a little wine.

Ever try making wine out of those grapes you just bought at Whole Foods? We wouldn’t recommend it. Unfortunately, this is impossible because wine grapes are actually so different than table grapes. Not only does size play a huge part of it, but the skin of the grape is vital to determining its future on the table or in the bottle.

Now if you’ve ever wondered through a vineyard, you know just how tiny wine grapes are. To produce the best wine, the smaller the better. Sugar condenses and thickens when encompassed in a smaller membrane. With less room for water, wine grapes are mostly fruit juice and seeds inside. They are harvested at 25-30% sugar content while table grapes contain mostly water with a mere 10-15% of natural sugar. This also means that wine grapes go bad much quicker than table grapes, the primary reason winerys begin fermentation right off the vine. Hey, we aren't complaining, the more wine the better!

Not only is size essential, but the thickness of grape skin is oddly important. Table grapes have very thin skin, good for munchin on, but unsuitable for fermenting. Wine grapes have heavy, thick skins which thrive during fermentation. Tiny seeds add to their unique and powerful taste. Grocery stores tend to prefer seedless grapes, but some table grapes do have seeds, making them more flavorful but often cumbersome to eat.

More grape varieties
It wasn’t until we were 21, or was it earlier… that we familiarized ourselves with wine grapes. Before then, table grapes were the only grape coming in hot. Purple and green table grapes are the usual victims at the grocery store, but there are honestly so many other varieties out there. Let’s check em out!

  • Moon Grapes - long and plumb black grapes that a a bit crunchier and sweeter than normal green grapes
  • Finger Grapes - long and thin grapes that taste no different but are a spooky replacement perfect for a halloween treat
  • Watch or Teardrop Grapes - ultra long and skinny grapes that are sweeter due to being harvested earlier than table grapes
  • Cotton Candy Grapes - filled with high levels of sugar that honestly make them taste like the ball-game treat
  • Concord or Blue Grapes - a “slip skin” grape, meaning skin is easily removed from the grape, these have large seeds and are very aromatic
  • Purple Grapes - just like green grapes but sometimes come with seeds or a single giant seed inside
  • Sweet Jubilee Grapes - large and juicy with intense flavor

The list actually does go on…

So many GRAPE reasons to love wine grapes

Besides creating wine, wine grape are superior to table grapes for their health benefits and incredibly high antioxidant content. These nutritious aspects rest within the skin of wine grapes, which are pressed when making grape sugar. Thus, all benefits bleed into the nectar, the primary reason we love Grape Nectar! Wine grapes help reduce LDL cholesterol which is the cholesterol that clogs arteries and obstructs blood pressure. Wine grapes also have tons of antioxidants which are included in their nectar. These antioxidants promote healthy skin and hair while also reducing signs of aging like wrinkles. Although wine grapes may bitterly surprise your taste buds when eaten off the vine, thankfully there are multiple ways to enjoy the unbeatable benefits of this grape variety. Table grapes are a refreshing snack on a hot day, but wine grapes are where it’s at regarding nutritional benefits and antioxidants. With Grape Nectar, you can get all the healthful advantages of wine grapes through this natural sugar rather than highly processed and chloric conventional sugar. Go grape and order online today! #NOTYOURAVERAGESWEETENER

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  • So called ‘wine grapes’ are perfectly fine excellence ripe off the vine, not bitter at all.
    Grapes with seeds, such as ‘wine grapes’ are way tastier and more nutrient rich than seedless. Seedless grapes junk food. Seriously.



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