Did you know prickly pear is high in fiber, carotenoids, and is packed with antioxidants? That's right! These are a few of the reasons we love it. Another reason we love it is because of how well it pairs with our original blend of grape nectar. Read on to squeeze out the last bit of summer and warm weather with our Prickly Pear Cooler...

prickly pear

BLEND USED: Bored-O Blanc California Grape Nectar

Tasting attributes: Grape Nectar adds a perfect complimentary sweetness to the earthy prickly pear purée.

Prickly pear is a common ingredient in flavored margaritas, so we're taking this southwest favorite to the next level. We have turned this drink from your traditional margarita to more of a margarita spritz and we could not be happier with the result. The combination of prickly pear, lime, extra special bitters, soda, mezcal, and of course grape nectar will make your taste buds dance. 

The key ingredient in this cocktail is the prickly pear. Fresh purée is a must: no frozen concentrate (because it's loaded with unnecessary added sugar). The more fresh you can get it, the more packed with flavor and nutrients it will be as well! The prickly pear provides this drink with a beautiful pink color, making it just as pretty as it is tasty. Then comes the tequila...adding the Mezcal will add a bold, smokey element to the cooler and adding a Reposado will add an oaky aged quality to the cocktail. Next, the mole bitters ties all the flavors together and compliments the subtle fig flavors of our sauvignon blanc blend. You read that right. Our original sauvignon blanc blend of grape nectar makes an appearance in this drink and it is absolutely delightful. 

We chose to use Bored-O Blanc in this cocktail for several reasons. Its subtle golden raisin flavors compliments the prickly pear's earthiness without being too sweet. However, it adds the natural sweetness this cocktail would normally be getting from an artificial sweetener or other super high carb natural sweeteners. Grape nectar transforms a drink that would normally give you a sugar headache or be overpowered by the smokey tequila to a beautifully bright and cooling conconction. 

Whichever way you chose, cocktail or mocktail, Mezcal or Reposado, there are so many layers of flavor to this cooler, making it easy to #DrinkBetter

prickly pear




Ingredients for Non-Alcoholic Mocktail

  • 1/2 oz prickly pear purée
  • 1/4-1/2 oz Bored-O Blanc (we like right in the middle)
  • 1/4 oz fresh lime
  • 3 drops Bittermen's Xocolatl Mole bitters (optional)
  • 2 oz bubbly water

For Alcoholic Cocktail:

  • Add 1.5 oz mezcal or tequila reposado


  1. Add purée through bitters (plus alcoholic spirit if partaking) to a shaker with ice; shake thoroughly
  2. Strain into a tall glass. Add soda water and stir.
  3. Garnish with a lime twist or lime wheel. Cheers to summer!

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