We are passionate about replacing and eliminating refined sugar from everyday diets and love when we find health advocates that share these values! Meet Kimberley Pearson from Camano Island, Washington. Kimberley is a food blogger, recipe developer, and culinary instructor who completely eliminated gluten, dairy, and refined sugar from her diet in 2007 in order to combat life-long health issues. Kimberley is dedicated to living a healthy life without sacrificing taste in her recipes - something we strive for in our own recipes. She is selective with the products she uses in her craft, so we were beyond thrilled when Kimberley incorporated our Grape Nectar sugar alternatives in her recipes!

Kimberley has developed several recipes using California Grape Nectar, including the glaze on top of apple scones, vegan mayonnaise, sesame seed energy balls, and chocolate fig walnut dessert balls. Kimberley keeps rolling out the hits and we can’t wait to see what is next. She told us how much she loves the versatility of our grape nectar natural sweeteners and we could not agree more!


Kimberley’s Recipes:  


Apple Scones with Bored-O Blanc California Grape Nectar Glaze:

This recipe uses grape nectar as a sugar substitute in the glaze for her gluten and dairy-free apple scones. Yum. These scones were made with fresh local Washington state apples and they turned out to be absolutely stunning. Kimberley used our original blend of grape nectar, Bored-O Blanc, in her glaze adding just the right amount of sweetness and fruity undertones, without overpowering the crisp flavors of the scone. The result was a major hit amongst her family, friends, and social media community. You can check out this masterpiece on her Instagram here!

 apple scone

Egg-Less Vegan Mayonnaise with Bored-O Blanc Grape Nectar:

This recipe includes just six simple ingredients that you can make in less than ten minutes. Plus, as Kimberley points out, store-bought vegan mayonnaise is far more expensive than making it at home. We asked Kimberley why she chose to use the Bored-O Blanc blend in this recipe, and she told us that it added the perfect subtle sweetness and flavoring needed to pair with the apple cider vinegar. Who would've thought to add a sweetener to mayo? This is a mayonnaise you have to try so head over to the recipe here!

 vegan mayonnaise

Black Sesame Dark Energy Balls with All-Sass Grape Nectar:

Kimberley’s dark energy balls are full of health benefits and make the perfect superfood snack or on-the-go breakfast. Black sesame seeds are full of nutrients that benefit both physical and mental wellbeing, including reducing stress and anxiety. These energy balls are also vegan, paleo, and high in protein - quite the trifecta! Kimberley explained that she chose the All-Sass grape nectar as this blend matches the deep flavor notes that come from the cocoa powder. The All-Sass blend also adds a unique floral undertone to balance the boldness of the sesame seeds and dark chocolate. This recipe makes our mouth water just thinking about it. Find the full recipe here!

 sesame balls

We love collaborating with talented recipe developers like Kimberley, and we are so grateful for their incorporation of our product in their craft. She has shown us new and uncharted ways to use our grape nectar sugar alternatives. We hope you join us in seeing what else she comes up with! To find all of Kimberley’s recipes, be sure to follow her on Instagram @therocksanddirtbakery and check out her website: therocksanddirtbakery.com. Plus, keep an eye out for Kimberley’s cookbook coming out soon!

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