In honor of our appearance on Open Table’s Dryuary Blog two years ago, we wanted to bring you a new creation inspired by the list of mocktails that was featured. This recipe will take your love for green tea to the next level! Introducing our ginger mint green tea mocktail, lightly sweetened with our one and only riesling sugar alternative: All-Sass California Grape Nectar. 

 green tea mocktail

Blend Used: All-Sass California Grape Nectar

Tasting Attributes: Floral notes of the All-Sass bring out the fragrant elements of the ginger and mint in this mocktail.

With this new decade upon us, we know that many of you are making steps towards improving your health and overall diet and we want to support that! So we created a green tea-based mocktail that is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants and will actually leave you wanting more. The combination of ginger, mint, lemon juice, and of course grape nectar, make this drink both extraordinarily healthy and flavorsome!

We concocted this dryuary drink to resemble the taste of a refreshing cocktail. Ginger and mint are a classic flavor combination in many cocktails. This tea-based mocktail does an excellent job of capturing these flavors and has the health benefits of green tea with zero refined sugars, which is hard to find with most cocktails. Since this recipe is so simple, you can easily add to it or even take out the mint or ginger and it still would still taste absolutely fantastic.

Our natural sweeteners are made purely from California wine grapes, which have the benefit of a low glycemic index and retain many of the antioxidants found in the grapes. The inclusion of our grape nectar sugar substitutes in this drink adds the right amount of sweetness to compliment the bold flavors of ginger and mint. We chose the All-Sass blend for several reasons. The white floral elements of the sugar alternative accentuate the earthy flavors of the green tea. We recommend starting with a smaller amount of our healthy sugar alternative and gradually add until you find the perfect amount sweetness! 

We personally love that this drink includes ginger because of the many health benefits associated with this root. Ginger is loaded with nutrients and bioactive elements that promote physical and mental wellbeing. This includes aiding healthy digestion, balancing blood sugar and includes anti-inflammatory properties. Not to mention, it packs such a fantastic flavor punch!

So, there you have it, a mocktail that captures the flavors of a delicious cocktail while promoting ultimate health and wellbeing. Let’s kick off this new decade right and #DrinkBetter!








  •     4 slices fresh ginger
  •     1 green tea bag or 2 Tbsp fresh green tea leaves of choice
  •     1 sprig of mint
  •     Fresh lemon juice
  •     0.25-0.5 oz All-Sass Grape Nectar



  1. Heat 12 oz of hot water in a tea kettle; pour into a mug
  2. Steep tea bag and add fresh sliced ginger; steep for 2 minutes; add mint sprig; steep 3 more minutes or until the flavor is to your desired strength
  3. Remove tea bag and ginger
  4. Add lemon and Grape Nectar; stir to combine
  5. Can enjoy warm or serve over ice in a tall glass
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